Scone Trial


My previous post touched on my breakfast ritual with my daughters.  Luckily, one of the coffee shops in town brings a taste of the city to its patrons, having pastries from Balthazar’s delivered to their shop on a daily basis.  A particular favorite of mine is the cranberry scone.  These are the perfect combination of buttery, slightly sweet from the cranberry and sprinkle of sugar crystals on top, and surprisingly, there is no orange zest as you typically find with any baked good containing cranberries.

Well, I wasn’t lucky enough to find the recipe for these online, so I turned to the Ina Garten as a base recipe to start from.  One good thing about making these, I finally used my stand mixer, that has been sitting on my counter accumulating dust for years.  This wonderful piece of machinery made everything incredibly easy.  My daughters were fascinated with seeing the stand mixer work as well as how easy it was to operate.

While this recipe was good, it wasn’t of the same quality of Balthazar’s.  I think that in order to get there, it needs more butter, just a small twist of sugar, and I did omit the orange zest as well.  I did love that the egg wash with the sugar crystals really made these scones look amazingly delicious.  My youngest daughter ate a whole scone for herself once these came out of the oven.  It was quite amazing because they were each almost the size of her face!  While not what I was aiming for, they were still quite delicious!




Unfortunately, I was unable work on anything to post for this week because I went away for the week-end. One of my very good friends got married so we drove to Boston to celebrate the big occasion. It was wonderful to be back, even if it was only for one day. We had a great time seeing old friends and showing my daughter my old neighborhood.

While we were there, we were fortunate enough to eat at a wonderful little bakery called Flour before our drive back home.  It was right around the corner from our hotel, so it was really convenient!  We walked by and there was a crowd of people waiting outside.  We figured this was a good sign and stood outside by the door, where, inadvertently, a line formed behind us of people waiting to get inside!  Haha… oops.  I guess we looked like we knew what we were doing!  My daughter was asleep in her stroller, so when the doors opened, I went to stake out a table while my husband got pick out goodies for us to try.  The place reminded me of a starbucks-type setup where there was the order bar and a location to pick up your orders.  It looked mainly like a bakery to me with a series of single tables and a long communal table.  We ended up getting some croissants and a scone for my daughter, since one of my friends had raved about their pastries.  The croissants were delicious.  Flaky, buttery, crispy on the outside but chewy and light on the inside.  Yum!

As we looked around, the place really filled up quickly.  It soon became apparent to us that people came as much for the pastries as for the hot breakfast items.  Breakfast sandwiches, quiches, you name it.  It all smelled delicious.  Unfortunately, we were in a bit of a hurry so as my daughter woke up to the sound of coffee being brewed and the smell of bacon being fried (what a way to wake up!), we hurried her through a mid-morning breakfast on a currant scone, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and prepared to drive home.  If you’re ever in the Cambridge, MA area, I would recommend checking them out, but get there early!  They fill up quick!