What is a Mameshiba?


I am about to be an aunt for the third time! This time it’s my little brother (the baby of our family), who is about to become a father! Can you believe how time flies? I still remember when he was a baby wearing diapers and now he’s about to have a baby himself!

IMG_4942Now, this next project has a little history to it. I had see this Mameshiba plush at a trade show one year and I thought it was so ridiculously cute that I wanted one immediately. Unfortunately, they were not yet for sale in the US, being just recently released in Japan. I told my little brother about it and the next year, unbeknownst to me, he was able to get me a small “keychain”version of this plush. I don’t know what it is, but the Japanese have a knack for making concepts like a half soybean, half dog that is ridiculously round, the most adorable thing ever.

Anyways, before he had a chance to give it to me, his now wife saw it and thought it was really cute and for her. When he told her it was for me, her disappointment was palpable. He surprised her the next year with her very own. They now have three keychain plushies and one larger plush.

IMG_4940Well, I thought this would just be the cutest and funniest idea for a hat. I decided on the chili-bean version, which they have, and made some matching mittens for their little guy.

I can’t wait to see his round little noggin in this thing! We can’t wait to meet you, little guy!