Blind Ambition


A new house comes with many challenges.  We have now been living in our house for almost 6 months now and there seems to be endless things to do.  I thought that moving to a new house and new town with a 1 month old and 3-yr old was tough!  Actually, that was really tough, never mind!  Owning a home has its own set of challenges.

Before we moved in, we had to re-paint the whole house.  It’s always nice to do this as a way of personalizing the place a little before you move in.  We hired professional painters and boy, did they do a fantastic job.  I ended up using colors from the Benjamin Moore “Color Stories” palette at the recommendation of one of my work colleagues, which is just so beautiful and rich with a lot of depth.  I went with mainly neutrals to serve as a nice palette for future endeavors and had the painter just match the Benjamin Moore colors since that line is very expensive per gallon.   It turned out great and the house was instantly transformed and personalized.  What a breath of fresh air!

When purchasing our house, it came with all light fixtures, appliances and window treatments.  While the previous owner did a lovely job of designing the space, it was not quite to our taste.  I ended up throwing away a majority of the window treatments, which were heavy and very bold in color.  I’m sure it was hearkening to classic Victorian interiors.  I ended up only keeping the roman blinds at the bedrooms as a means of privacy.  However, the one room that didn’t have these blinds was the baby room.  Instead, we had very cheap roller shades.  You know, the vinyl roller shades that are super-cheap and give off a vinyl odor when you use them.  And to top that off, they weren’t even in whole condition!  One had a hole in it!  Granted, my eldest broke the other one, but this just meant that I needed to look into providing a window treatment for this room!

I liked the look of the roman shades in the other bedrooms.  But, when I was shopping online for them, they turned out to be over $100 a pop!  What!?!?  That is way too much in my opinion!  I could make these things!  So that’s just what I did!

I ended up using this great tutorial, buying some mini-blinds and using leftover Ikea curtains that we had in our old apartment.  All in all, this cost me maybe $30 for 2 windows!  SO much better!