A New Addition


I know I have been remiss in my postings lately. There has been a lot of activity in our household lately! First of all, the new baby arrived two weeks early! That was a surprise for everyone! I hate to say it, but we were not as prepared for the birth of baby number two like we were for baby number one, but we do love her just as much and her sister is beyond excited to be a big sister! Life has been turned on its head with learning how to balance two children. I’m very fortunate to have the help of my mother, who seems to have a knack for putting babies to sleep! Life is certainly not boring right now!

The other big thing is that we bought a house! Wait, what???  More about that later…. back to the baby!


Baby, it’s a new year!

I can’t believe that January is almost over! I was looking through my blog and I noticed that the quantity of my posts seems to have diminished a little. I apologize for that, everyone! Thanks for your patience!

I can explain, really.  I have been a little preoccupied lately as I am pregnant with #2!  People aren’t kidding when they say that every pregnancy is different!  I don’t know if it’s getting older, or having a child already, or what, but I have been so exhausted with this pregnancy.  I literally could barely keep my eyes awake to get home from work, shovel some semblance of a meal into my mouth, and then go narcoleptic on my husband and daughter by passing out on whatever horizontal surface was closest.  That coupled with the terrible bout of morning sickness (really, I don’t know why people specify morning.  It lasts ALL DAY LONG…) made things very challenging for the past couple of months.  I’m hoping now that I’m in the middle of my second trimester that things will begin to improve!

We did find out that we’re having a girl!  My eldest daughter is very excited to be an older sister!  We’ve been trying to prepare her for the shock of no longer being an only child by talking with her frequently about “baby” and how she will be so helpful and such a great example for baby.  Of course, my daughter immediately decided that the baby is “her” baby and will never fail to give her baby a hug before she gives me a hug.  Ironic, but sweet seeing as how it could go the other way!

Needless to say, all this passing out left and right hasn’t really given me much opportunity to craft anything.  Even if I did find the energy to pick up some knitting needles or a crochet hook, I’d probably pass out on top of it and end up skewering myself involuntarily.  I think I’ll leave the major crafting to when I have a little more control of my ability to stay awake. Until then though, happy crafting!

Back to Our Roots!

We are going on a long-planned trip to Taiwan in a week for 10 days. I remember the last time I went to Taiwan, which was almost 14 years ago. I can’t believe it has been that long!  Now, while going and seeing family is always great, I must say one of the best things about going to Taiwan is the food.  Food food food!  I recently stumbled across this CNN article all about the wonderful foods that I’m about to partake in.  I had to laugh at the first one.  This is is so quintessentially Taiwanese: simple, affordable, delicious, and fatty!  I just LOVE going to Taiwan and having this.

I’m positively drooling just thinking of all the yummy foods I’m going to get.  At the top of my list are the 滷肉飯 (Braised Pork over Rice), 太陽餅 (Suncakes), Zhong-zhi, 割包 (Gua-bao – Taiwanese Hamburger), Do-hua (delivious tofu curd over sweet peanut soup), and the 鳳梨酥 (Pineapple cakes).  But oh, the list goes on and on!

This will be my daughter’s first time going to Taiwan so I’m looking forward to having her try all sorts of yummy foods that are part of her heritage.  If she’s anything like her dad and me, she’ll be a very happy girl!  What are your favorite foods to share with your family?

Happy First Anniversary!

Well, I’m extremely embarrassed to say that my blog site’s one year anniversary came and went and I didn’t quite notice! A lot has happened these past couple days, one being the new addition to our growing family! Welcome to my littlest nephew and congratulations to the newly minted parents!

As I reflect on what I’ve accomplished in a year of blogging, I’ve learned a lot about being a parent, adapting to new environments, and growing personally. This blog has allowed me to focus my creative energies on small and finite projects which help me to being a little bit of joy into people’s lives, all while helping me fulfill a creative urge within myself. Thank you to all my readers, supporters, and patient friends who have accepted my gifts as I experiment with my crafting.

I hope that you all continue to enjoy my posts and I look forward to a new year in learning new and exciting skills! I can’t wait to share it with you all!


I’m sorry I don’t have any pretty crafts to post this time around. I do want to let you all know that I’ve been crafting away when I can.

My daughter was unlucky enough to catch the hand foot mouth disease, which is essentially a very bad cold with a high-grade fever. The disease got it’s name because it results in blister-like sores developing on the child’s hands, feet, and in their throat. It’s absolutely miserable. I can tell you from personal experience. Because I got it right after her.

I am still suffering the tail-end of the coughing and was lucky enough (knock on wood) to not get any sores.  The fever was lovely and the sudden fits of coughing are always a nice surprise. Especially on the subway where everyone looks at you like you have the plague and back away from you quietly. Or at client meetings where you have to leave the room and catch the client’s look of agitation that you may drop dead. Or on a job site, when the job super meets you for the first time and then you run out of the room coughing like making his acquaintance caused you to suddenly contract a fatal disease. Always a fun time….

Next week we are going to visit my parents in Seattle!  It will be my daughter’s first trip to Seattle and I can’t wait to show her around!  Until we return, happy crafting!


Unfortunately, I was unable work on anything to post for this week because I went away for the week-end. One of my very good friends got married so we drove to Boston to celebrate the big occasion. It was wonderful to be back, even if it was only for one day. We had a great time seeing old friends and showing my daughter my old neighborhood.

While we were there, we were fortunate enough to eat at a wonderful little bakery called Flour before our drive back home.  It was right around the corner from our hotel, so it was really convenient!  We walked by and there was a crowd of people waiting outside.  We figured this was a good sign and stood outside by the door, where, inadvertently, a line formed behind us of people waiting to get inside!  Haha… oops.  I guess we looked like we knew what we were doing!  My daughter was asleep in her stroller, so when the doors opened, I went to stake out a table while my husband got pick out goodies for us to try.  The place reminded me of a starbucks-type setup where there was the order bar and a location to pick up your orders.  It looked mainly like a bakery to me with a series of single tables and a long communal table.  We ended up getting some croissants and a scone for my daughter, since one of my friends had raved about their pastries.  The croissants were delicious.  Flaky, buttery, crispy on the outside but chewy and light on the inside.  Yum!

As we looked around, the place really filled up quickly.  It soon became apparent to us that people came as much for the pastries as for the hot breakfast items.  Breakfast sandwiches, quiches, you name it.  It all smelled delicious.  Unfortunately, we were in a bit of a hurry so as my daughter woke up to the sound of coffee being brewed and the smell of bacon being fried (what a way to wake up!), we hurried her through a mid-morning breakfast on a currant scone, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and prepared to drive home.  If you’re ever in the Cambridge, MA area, I would recommend checking them out, but get there early!  They fill up quick!

The beginning…

Welcome to my blog!  I can’t tell you all how excited I am to be writing this!  Starting a blog has been on my to-do list for a very long time, but up until now, I hadn’t really had an idea of how to pull all my thoughts together into a cohesive subject matter.  What changed?  Lots.  But I guess the main change is that I finally mentally was able to commit to the undertaking.

I really started to think about this once my daughter was born and I began planning all of the cute things I could make for her, or all the things I could teach her.  I guess you could say that my mom was my inspiration.  Since we were able to hold a crayon, mom encouraged my brothers and I to explore our creativity through drawing, crafts, legos, anything our imagination could dream up.  She would help us figure out ways to express our creative outlet, and after a while, it was enough that we had crafts books on hand, and boxes of crafty material in our home for us to use whenever we felt the need.

Growing up in this kind of environment has inspired me to provide my daughter similar opportunities.  These opportunities ultimately resulted in a childhood full of fond memories, of sunlit afternoons at our kitchen table with construction paper, scissors, glue, felt, needles, the sky was the limit!

This blog is an homage to my childhood and the coming memories that I look forward to building with  my own daughter.  I hope that you enjoy our journey!