Ornaments Galore

One of the exciting things about your kids getting older is the ability to do more complex crafts.  Of course there is still an amount of hand holding involved, but generally, you can start to talk about ideas and they can give you their thoughts. Also, it’s fun to see them getting excited about different crafts and hear what they want to create.

I got a great suggestion from one of my co-workers about one of her holiday memories, which was making clay ornaments every year to adorn her family’s Christmas tree.  I thought this sounded like such a fun family tradition that I wanted to try out.  Also, I thought these would be really sweet gifts from the girls to their teachers.

I did a bunch of research on different mediums and decided on a super lightweight clay that air-dried, no baking needed!  Also, it was easy to clean up and I bought a kit of many different colors.  It was easy to work with and dried fairly quickly.

We wanted up making a bunch of little figures in a book that came with the clay at first, and then once the girls were more comfortable, they branched out to their own made up ideas.  I think they we’re all very cute in the end!

The girls had a great time making little ornaments and can’t wait to give them to their teachers.  I think this is a nice change of pceto holiday cookies, although we will likely make those soon as well.  What kind of holiday activities do you like to do with your kids?