A Cry for Spring


The weather report going this week-end was not good. There was a prediction for more snow and cold weather. Now, normally, I don’t mind snow. But pushing a stroller in snow while pregnant is not an easy task. I was both excited and apprehensive for the snow, which put me into a strange kind of nesting mood.

My kitchen on Sunday was a hub of activity. I must be getting my energy back because I ended up making a bowl of guacamole, two dinners (one for Sunday and one for Monday) with plenty to spare, and then I decided to make a breakfast bread. I haven’t been baking in quite a while, just simple things here and there. I did make a pound cake two weeks ago and it was so nice to have a staple breakfast food again that I thought I should make another today.

The mix today was a strawberry lemon poundcake Generally, I like to use lemon when I feel spring coming on. A bit of lemon zest just adds a nice, fresh zing to anything, and to me, it is so reminiscent of spring. As for the strawberries, I happened to have a handful leftover from what my daughter didn’t eat. I was a little skeptical about using strawberries because I just find that their flavor is so subtle in baking that you sometimes don’t notice it. Oh well, waste not, want not. I ended up using my staple pound cake recipe.  I made this a double recipe so that it would fill a large bundt pan.  When I got to the pouring of the batter, instead of mixing the strawberries into the batter (I was afraid the weight of the berries would cause them all to fall down to the bottom during baking) I poured in half the batter, then I sliced the berries and lay them in into the batter, nuzzling some a little deeper in, then pouring the rest of the batter on top.  It’s kind of like how you make a coffee cake with the cinnamon filling in the center.

Well, the moment this came out of the oven, my daughter wanted some.  The smell of the lemon with the strawberries was subtle yet intoxicating and when I cut it open to get a better look, I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out better than expected.  I cut a piece for my daughter, sampling a little myself and she devoured it.  My husband noted that the strawberries added just a hint of sweetness that complemented the lemon quite nicely.  I think this one’s a winner!


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