Happy Holidays from Us to You


It is officially the holidays! This means decorations, presents, and most importantly, holiday cookies! I try to make holiday cookies every year, but I skipped last year since we spent the holidays in Seattle with my parents.

With the holidays upon us, and my daughter being of an age that actually is conducive to some tasks, I was thinking that making holiday cookies would be so much fun.  Last year, my office holiday party had a room that was dedicated to cookie decorating for all of the kids and it was a big hit with my daughter.  They had prepared cookies, icing, and tons of different sprinkles, candies and such to decorate you cookie.  Then, they had little individual clear bags to wrap your decorated cookie in and take home.  I thought this would be fabulous to try at home.  And, fortuitously, the mommies of the three musketeers, decided that we would all get together and have a cookie-decorating session for our daughters. I (of course) got super-excited and immediately when and bought all the cool holiday sprinkles online at Amazon that I could find (I couldn’t resist).

Well, the big day rolled around and my daughter was very excited to go to her friend’s house to make cookies, but lo and behold, the fates were not with us.  She woke up that morning with a weird barking cough and a mild fever.  The doctor told us she had croup (again).  Bother.  I already had all the ingredients for cookies, icing, and the sprinkles to boot!  Well, I wasn’t going to let a little croup hold me back, especially when my daughter threw a fit when she found out she wasn’t going to her friends house for cookie festivities anymore.  I took it upon myself to do a mini-session a home to appease both of our cookie cravings.


While this was a little bit messy (I think we’ll be finding sprinkles throughout the apartment for a long while – those things really do travel well across a wood floor!) she had a wonderful time and we ended up with a ton of home-made gifts for friends.  I would definitely recommend this as a kid-friendly and affordable activity to do at home, especially when it’s snowing non-stop outside (like it was when we made the cookies).  Happy Holidays to everyone!