To Infinity… And Beyond!

My eldest nephew recently turned four. While I wasn’t able to be there to celebrate with him, I wanted to make something very special for him. He has been a great lover of the Toy Story movies and especially Buzz Lightyear. He has everything Buzz: blanket, pajamas, action figures, you name it!

In one of my previous posts I had illustrated my daughter with some of her friends in the vein of A.A. Milne and I thought that it would be nice if I could do something memorable and meaningful like that for my nephew. I thought that an illustration that built on his affinity for Buzz as more of a friendship as opposed to Buzz being a toy would be a really interesting study. I thought of the Calvin and Hobbes comics and the idea solidified in my mind on what I wanted to do.

untitledThis gift actually took me a while to complete. I had mocked up the image right when I had the thought, but it took time find time to gather all the materials (paper, frame) since I had a very particular idea in my mind. I used regular art sketch pad paper from my large spiral sketch pad and an Ikea Ribba frame. I love these frames because the are affordable and are a great design. They are simple, frame items beautifully, and I like that the depth of the frame seems to elevate the design of even the simplest piece of art that it is framing.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “To Infinity… And Beyond!

  1. Aghhh, I freaking LOVE this!!! I can’t wait for you to do one for Lucas when he’s older!! Because if I draw something, it would only be a deformed Ninja Turtle…hehehe 🙂

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