Knitting 101


I recently decided to enter the world of knitting. I had received knitting needles and yarn as a gift from my brother and sister in law so I figured it would be the perfect time to learn something new! Now, when I was younger, my mom taught me how to knit the garter stitch, which is the most common stitch in knitting. (I just learned the name of that stitch!). This time, I got round needles that allow you to knit things like sweaters and hats in one piece, which I had always found a little daunting. In doing a little research and learning more about the needles that I had and the yarn I had, I found that knitting is very constrained to the size and length of the needle you use. For example, I had a US9 5.5mm 16″ length needle. This would be perfect for an infinity scarf or maybe a small sweater. I had originally wanted to make a small hat, but didn’t have the proper tools for this.

It was settled. I was going to learn to knit in the round, and I was going to make a sweater! (I can’t believe how ambitious I am sometimes….. sometimes it comes back to bite me!) Anyways, I did a bunch of research on what kind of sweater I could make and how to do it. I tried following this pattern but had a little issue when it came to joining everything. I didn’t have the proper size double pointed needles to make the sleeves so the arms didn’t fit the way they should have. Live and learn.

IMG_5111I definitely learned a lot. I had started out with a simple stockinette stitch with no ribbing, which I found caused the sweater to curl a lot. I circled back when I discovered this and was able to add on the ribbing at the bottom. Also, I found that once I had put the pieces together without the bottom ribbing, the sweater seemed a little short. This sweater ended up being about a 3T size. I used Lionbrand Homespun yarn in “seafoam”. This is a thick, soft, nubby yarn that, while extremely soft, is probably not the best yarn to start learning to knit with since it is difficult to keep track of the stitches due to the natural texture of the yarn.

This was a great learning piece and youtube became a great staple. I learned all sorts of simple, basic knitting skills such as stockinette stitch, increase and decrease, bind off/ cast off, and picking up stitches. Not bad for a first knitting project! What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Knitting 101

  1. Hi Miz Penie

    Good job on the sweater! Love to read your blog, enjoy keeping up with you here. Sending Congratulations on the first year anniversary of its creation too! Sending Love from Texas!

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