All that glitters, sparkles


Happy New Year Everyone!!!  Well this is a LONG overdue post!  My daughter had the honor of being in her first wedding at 18 months old! Her uncle was getting married and asked if she would be the flower girl. What an honor!

Now, we were very busy during this time, so squeezing in time to find a dress for the wedding was a challenge, The wedding colors were purple and grey. We found an absolutely adorable dress, but it was not quite the right colors, so I had to cross my fingers that when it arrived, I would be able to modify it to work.  I ordered this dress off of  For those of you who don’t know, is a designer sample sale website that has sales every day on clothing, accessories, and home goods for men, women and children.  I’ve found a lot of great things on Gilt at discounted prices.

We ordered this dress off of and it took FOREVER for it to arrive!  I must have ordered this almost 2 months in advance!  I waited and waited and finally, a mere 1.5 weeks before the wedding, it showed up on our doorstep.  Talk about cutting it close!  When I got the dress, I eagerly opened it to see what kind of monster modification we were talking about.  Well, I was a little out of luck.  I had gotten some purple ribbon that matched the wedding colors and was hoping that the sash on the dress was not going to be difficult to swap out.  It turns out, it was sewn into the dress on the sides, as well as at the empire waist.  I ended up having to disassemble the entire skirt off of the dress and carefully pull out the sash so that I could insert the new sash of the correct color.  It was, thankfully, a fairly quick process (it probably helped that it was a very little dress.. haha…)

I ended up using a shortcut by using a 2″ thick purple ribbon, sewn together and turned inside out so you didn’t see the edging of the ribbon (the real dress sash was made out of a satin material).  Now, I’m no expert seamstress by any means, so I was a little nervous about modifying this thing.  I’m glad that it turned out okay.  I think the most fun I had was making the rosette for the sash.  I followed this tutorial.  It was super-easy and got me thinking that I’ll have to make more of these things!


Here is a photo of the dress before the modification:

I’m really happy with the result and my daughter literally sparkled in the dress.  I was able to round off the look with silver sparkle tights from baby gap and an adorable flower basket courtesy of the bride and groom.  Thanks guys for a beautiful wedding!


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