Hands Down

One week a hurricane and the next week a Nor’easter? What will mother nature throw at us next? I truly hope that all the people affected by Hurricane Sandy are starting to piece their lives together. I know that for me, sitting in my warm apartment with heat, electricity, and hot water, I feel blessed and lucky that we were able to avoid the hardships that we see many facing around us. It is incredibly heart-wrenching to see people lose everything to a natural disaster and hope that time will heal all wounds.

Well, this storm following the hurricane came as a bit of a surprise to me. Not only was I not expecting another weather-related incident for a while, I also had not really prepared for the winter to hit yet. We had to go the whole nine yards last week-end, buying a winter coat, lined pants, you name it, for my daughter. The one thing we couldn’t find anywhere were mittens!  Well… I should change that…. we found mittens, but they all came w/ hat sets.  I thought it was pointless to buy a complete set when I love making hats so much… hahaha….

I can tell you one thing.  Not being able to go to work has been good for my crafting.  I finally have time to make things again!  I took it upon myself to make some custom mittens to go with my daughter’s winter outfit. I had made some mittens before in this post, but now that my daughter is older, she really needs the separate thumb to be able to grab things. I settled on a color scheme, using the Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend and a type G (4.0mm) hook to keep the stitches tighter. I made this pattern up as I went along, comparing it to my daughter’s hand as I finished each row. I definitely ended up taking this apart at least 3 times because I would finish off only to discover that I needed to adjust something.  Aside from my impatience, I think that these mittens turned out really cute!  I can’t wait for my daughter to try them on and have all sorts of wintery fun!


3 thoughts on “Hands Down

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I need to make myself some mitts with that lovely cord that we all stopped having as adults. It’s just so fun. I want to be able to choose to have ready mitts at the end of my sleeves 🙂

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