The Coolest Kicks in Town

I’ve made many a gift for many a baby now. In trying to remain fresh and original, I am trying to veer away from hats a little, since you can only make so many and I’m a little picky about how I want the hats to look. Anyways, I decided to try my hand at baby booties!

My mom had given me a booklet that had a bunch of baby booty patterns, so I thought it would be easy to try one of them. However, I got started and quickly realized that I wanted to make something completely different from the patterns I had. As a result, I ended up making up another design (I really have to stop doing this especially since I’m not the most experienced crocheter, but I guess I was feeling daring).

One of our very good friends, who was also in our wedding, had their first baby boy! He just turned 3 months and I’m so excited to meet him! I thought to myself, if I were a baby boy, what kind of shoes would I want? Uhhhhh…. BABY CHUCKS!!!!! I had seen an image on pinterest for baby converse sneakers, but I wasn’t really sure how to make them. I had found a tutorial for something similar, but it was all in Portuguese, and I can’t say that language is in my repertoire. I improvised and am very happy with the result. I’m going to have to try this in a bunch of different colors!

I have absolutely no idea how to size baby feet since my daughter seems to have smaller feet, but I tried to shoot for 6 month-ish size.  Again, I used the Martha Stewart brand Extra Soft Wool Blend, since I now have tons of colors.  I like working with it though because it’s really soft and the colors are really nice for baby gifts.  I hope that these keep it’s new owner’s little piggies toasty warm in the colder winter weather!


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