Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Things will be smooth sailing for a while and then all of a sudden, when it rains, it pours! I’ve been going through a lot of life changes recently, which has resulted in me being pulled in many different directions. This has, unfortunately, taken time away from my crafting and blogging.

Before all the life transitions, I was fortunate enough to bring my daughter to Seattle to visit my parents and introduce her to the NW region. We were extremely lucky in that the weather was gorgeous. June in Seattle is so beautiful, I had almost forgotten because it had been so long since I was there to experience it.  My parents have the most beautiful backyard garden full of flowers, fruit, vegetables, and a nice lawn. It’s not a large space, but it’s well-designed and every piece forms a perfect balance to the whole. My daughter loved waking up in the morning and going into the backyard with her grandfather to look at the birds and squirrels, or walk around with her grandmother to look at the vegetables and flowers.

While I was home, I came across a previous project that my mom and I had done a very long time ago that I wanted to share with everyone! There used to be an art center where I grew up that had many art classes. One of the classes that my mom took was how to make Ukrainian eggs.  I remember being intrigued by the process, which involves first blowing the center out of the egg, then applying various coats of wax and dipping the egg into various dyes in a certain order to obtain the final coloring, and then rubbing all over with wax to seal all the colors.  It was a very time-intensive and enjoyable process resulting in a beautiful product.  I have included a number of photos showing some of the eggs that my mom (and me!) made years back.  I’ll admit that most of these gorgeous creations are my mom’s, but I did make two.  Wouldn’t these be perfect for Easter?  I love them as ornaments for a Christmas tree too!  What do you think?


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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