Puppy Love

I know I know, I’ve been really bad at posting!  We’re moving apartments this week-end so everything is in disarray and all of my baking and crafting tools are packed away here and there.  Luckily, I do have one project to share with you!

One of our good friends who was in our wedding had her first baby, a girl, not too long ago.  She lives up in Minnesota so it gets pretty cold up there!  I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to get back to hatting!  Now, I’ve made a number of different hat styles, and coming up with new ideas is starting to get tough.  I really wanted to try making a puppy hat.  I thought it would be so cute!  However, as I searched on Etsy and Pinterest, none of the ideas really seemed to spark any inspiration for me.

Instead, I turned to my daughter’s toys!  Haha…. who knew….. So my daughter received a stuffed dog toy from her uncle and soon to be aunt for her birthday.  This stuffed dog can be programmed to say her name, play music that she likes, and all this other crazy stuff.  She loves this thing and has recently learned how to turn it on and make it play music (by grabbing at the paws, which each have a button for a different function).  Whenever she hears the dog play music, she starts to wave her arms, nod her head, sway back and forth, and dance with a huge smile on her face.  It’s so adorable that sometimes I will turn on the dog just to see her reaction.

Anyways, after weeks of hearing the same music over and over again, I couldn’t get this dog out of my head and thought, well,  I may as well try using it as a model for my dog hat!  So that’s exactly what I did, with a few modifications.  What you see is a result of the toy, and my own delirious imagination as I had “the wheels on the bus go round and round” and other such music running through my head!  It was actually quite fun to make and I’m very pleased with the result.

I ended up using the Martha Stewart Extra-Soft Wool Blend for this hat because since the baby is in colder weather, I wanted to have wool in the yarn to retain heat better.  I used my pattern for a toddler, but this would be sized for her at 9-12 months since the yarn is a thinner gauge than I usually use.  I hope the new owner is kept nice and toasty-warm in her new accessory!


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