I’m sorry I don’t have any pretty crafts to post this time around. I do want to let you all know that I’ve been crafting away when I can.

My daughter was unlucky enough to catch the hand foot mouth disease, which is essentially a very bad cold with a high-grade fever. The disease got it’s name because it results in blister-like sores developing on the child’s hands, feet, and in their throat. It’s absolutely miserable. I can tell you from personal experience. Because I got it right after her.

I am still suffering the tail-end of the coughing and was lucky enough (knock on wood) to not get any sores.  The fever was lovely and the sudden fits of coughing are always a nice surprise. Especially on the subway where everyone looks at you like you have the plague and back away from you quietly. Or at client meetings where you have to leave the room and catch the client’s look of agitation that you may drop dead. Or on a job site, when the job super meets you for the first time and then you run out of the room coughing like making his acquaintance caused you to suddenly contract a fatal disease. Always a fun time….

Next week we are going to visit my parents in Seattle!  It will be my daughter’s first trip to Seattle and I can’t wait to show her around!  Until we return, happy crafting!


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