Mommy Skills

I haven’t posted a baked good in a while, so here we go!  Our neighbor downstairs had their baby about three weeks early!  I saw her just a week before she went to the hospital and I remember looking at her and thinking “there’s NO way she’s going to last another 3 weeks!”  Well, it turns out I was right about that one!

I actually found out they had their son because I heard him crying one night through our bathroom vent (yes, crappy NY apartments mean you can hear things through vents) and I was a little discombobulated because I first though my daughter was crying, but I knew that she should be sleeping blissfully through the night.  Then it registered it was a newborn baby!  If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember a reference to this neighbor in this post.

I remember when I first had my daughter, our neighbor was sweet enough to bring by a batch of freshly baked blueberry muffins as a welcome gift!  These were a better gift than I originally realized!  At about a month old, my daughter really didn’t like to be put down for extended periods of time when she was awake.  She wanted attention and to be held, so I was often faced with the problem of needing to eat something but having only one hand able to prepare food and feed myself.  These muffins were a lifesaver in that I could easily feed myself while still holding my daughter and meeting her needs.

I thought that I would return the favor, not knowing the temperament of the new baby.  At the very least, who doesn’t like fresh-baked muffins?  I almost always have bananas and bran sitting around so I made banana bran muffins.  I used a recipe I previously posted here but doubled it and put them into muffin tins.  I made a couple extra to bring to a brunch pot-luck for the three musketeers (see post here and here)  I even made little mini-muffins for the kiddies and they were a big hit!


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