Sweet Sounds Abound

So many of my friends have been having babies that I’ve been working non-stop to make a special gift for each one. I remember when I first had my daughter, I lamented not having any toys that made noise. I thought that something with music or something with a bell inside would have been nice, so we ended up getting a set of soft blocks with different sounds associated with them (bells, crinkle noises, rattles). I thought that it would be nice if I could somehow incorporate something like this into a meaningful gift for a baby.

The friend whose son I made these for is a great baker. She actually has her own blog with the most delectable-looking  baked goods. I salivate every time I see the things she’s making. Anyways, I thought that it would be so cute to make her son some soft block toys in the shape of cupcakes, being that she’s such an amazing baker!

I totally made this design up. I ended up with a set of four and each one has a different look. I used the Martha Stewart Lion Brand Extra-Soft Wool Blend because I liked the color choices. Also, I had to use a gauge that, when crocheted, would have stitches tight enough that the polyfill in the block wouldn’t be visible from the outside.  I ended up using a ‘G’ hook (4.0mm) so that the stitches would be even tighter.

It took a couple of tries before I got the result that I wanted.  This consisted of two pieces (cupcake top and the cup portion) that I had to join together and fill with polyfill and topped with a felt bead.  I also picked up some Japanese bells specially designed to be used for rattle toys.  It’s essentially a bell within a small plastic ball so that once it is inserted into whatever it’s going to live within, the fill doesn’t prevent the bell from making a jingling noise.  I got these at my small, local craft store, Fiber Notion.

These turned out really cute!  My daughter loved grabbing them and shaking them.  She even tried to eat them!  I don’t think she was fooled into thinking it was the real deal, since she sticks everything in her mouth at this age, but I found it encouraging.  Anyways, I hope the new owner has lots of fun with his new toys!


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