What a Hooooot!!!! (Part 2)

My last post laid the groundwork for a mobile I had been working on for my nephew.  Let me just say, I love this thing.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  Would I change some things about it if I made it again?  Sure.  This was, after all, a learning experience.  However, I really love how all the pieces came together to balance each other.

These owls were a hit!  My daughter LOVED these little guys!  As I finished each one, I would put them on our little side table in the living room so they would all be lined up, and every morning, she would come into the living room, see the owls, and make a squeal of delight and point at them!  I admit I was afraid that they would make their way into her mouth somehow (as do most things in our home), but she never even gave a hint of doing this to these owls.  Maybe she knew?  My husband, as well, was really excited to see each owl as it started from a couple pieces of felt and came together to the finished product.  He liked them so much that I think I’m going to have to make a couple more just so we can hang them around our apartment!

Now, while I had originally planned on making 4 owls, once I had all the pieces together and looked at them as a whole, I decided to make one more to really round out the piece.  I had seen a couple of mobiles on Etsy and Pinterest with birds on branches, and I thought “why not owls on branches?”  So, I went to the park one week-end and found some nice sticks to use for the mobile.  I didn’t want that harsh texture with the owls for a baby mobile though, so I wrapped the sticks in string.  I thought that this helped to soften the jutting branches and strong angles.  I played with positioning the owls and thought about how I wanted them to interact.  It was very important to me that I capitalize on the three-dimensionality of this.  That was my main thought as I put all the pieces together.  Once I settled on the general balance, I added a couple of cut-out felt leaves to give it a little twist of detail.

I love the final result so much.  I really hope that my nephew loves looking at it from his crib and that this is something that he’ll be able to keep for his future kiddos.  I seriously think I’m going to have to make one for myself…..


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