Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!!!

I had previously come across a tutorial for making felt flowers here that I had wanted to try.  I decided to use this flower to make some barrettes for my good friend’s eldest daughter.  I thought it would be a great “new big sister” gift as well as a birthday gift (she just turned 2 AND my friend just had her second daughter!)   She has these really large blue eyes and a cute crop of strawberry blond/red hair like her father so I thought something with pink and red would be so cute on her!

These were very easy flowers to make.  The red one was from the above link and I had first planned on making a bunch of these.  However, once I made it, I thought that the flower was a little too big for a barrette on a little girl.  I thought about how I could use this and thought of a couple ideas.  I finally settled on a headband.  However, I thought that it needed more than one flower.  Since I’m in test mode, I decided to try a different flower tutorial to see how they compare.  In the end, I liked the look of the first flower (in red) more and ended up having to trim down the pink flowers a bit because I thought they were too tall.  I also tried making the first flower using just a glue gun, but found that sewing the pieces together ultimately resulted in a tighter and neater looking result.  These was super easy to make, and I encourage you all to try this out yourselves!


1 sheet red felt

2 5″ square sheets pink felt

1 sheet green felt

1 headband (I went to the drugstore and got the Goody wide-band headbands, like these)

hot glue gun

needle and thread

Step 1: Make (3) flowers from the flower tutorials linked above.

Step 2: Cut out 3-4 leaves from the green felt.  I liked them in different sizes and I embroidered some veining on the leaves to add a little detail to this.

Step 3: Glue the flowers and leaves onto the headband using the hot glue gun.  Wait for it to cool.  Voilá!  you’re done!


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