Seeing Double

A while back, when I first started my hat craze, I learned that one of my colleagues that I know from work was having twin baby boys. I was very excited to make little twin newborn hats for them, welcoming them to the world! Something that stuck in my mind was a conversation I had with the father about how he abhorred the idea of having his sons wear all the same clothes all the time because they were individuals.

I thought about this comment and resolved to make little twin hats that looked similar but were each unique! Since I this is back when I just began learning how to make hats, the design is fairly basic. I wanted them to look similar, but to each be different, so I decided on alternating stripes.  I added a red pom pom to the top to add a little color and interest to the colors of the hat.

I was very excited when I finished these and ended up putting them on some of my daughter’s stuffed animals to see how they might fit.  They looked pretty cute and I left them on as I left the room to go do something else.  Well, my husband happened to come in the room after me and see the hats on the stuffed animals and burst out laughing.  I guess it would be a pretty funny sight to walk in on!

You’ll have to excuse the quality of the photo as well.  We had just received our new digital SLR so I was still learning how to use it.  I was very happy with these hats hope the the new owners got some good wear out of them before the weather turned warm!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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