Monkey Business


Back when I was originally looking on Etsy for ideas for hats, I kept coming across designs for sock-monkey hats. I swear, there are tons and tons and TONS of different interpretations of the sock monkey hat on this site. I must admit, I didn’t get it. I didn’t really understand the fascination with this particular design, nor people’s obsession with it.  That being said, I thought that it looked like an interesting challenge.  I decided that I would try making one to see if I could understand what all the hype was about.

I made this a little while back, so I was still testing out different patterns and methods, but I was able to see lots of different ideas for proportions and placement of features just surfing the web.  I settled in my head how I wanted this guy to look and got to it!  As I made it, I started to see the appeal of these simple little guys.  Making this hat was a blast and I actually ended up making it for my daughter.  This was my very first animal hat!

I did learn a lot about hats from this guy and from having my daughter wear it for numerous occasions.  Living inNYC, there is a HUGE stroller culture.  Babies in strollers are everywhere.  If you don’t have a baby, a stroller, or a dog, then you’re missing something (I jest, but only partially).  Anyways, I found out a couple things about hats:

1. Ears and other features on hats, while cute, sometimes impeded the baby’s ability to move their head around.  The hat tended to stay still due to the ears, and my daughter’s head would slide around easily and then her eye would get covered by an earflap.  This was partially remedied by adding the under-chin ties, and now it stays better.  Also, note that this hat stretched tremendously after 2 wearings.  I made it for a 9-12 month old, and it still fits her fine (and remains loose) at almost 13 months.

2. Pom poms, while an adorable addition and detail to hats, sometimes also impede babies in strollers.  If your baby is wearing something like a hoodie sweater, and the hoodie is behind her back, her head will have farther to lean to rest on the back of the stroller.  Since the pom pom is usually located on the top center of the hat, it will only allow the hat to go back so far before the pom pom stops it.  That being said, baby’s eyes may get covered by the front edge of the hat, so try and avoid bulky clothing and pom-pom hats when in a stroller, or put the hooded part of the clothing under the head to adjust for this unevenness.  For a tutorial on making pom pom’s, go here.

3. Under-chin ties are wonderful.  At first I thought these were a cute decoration, but later, I found that these were essential in keeping the hat in place on my daughter’s head.

I will definitely be revisiting this design in the future!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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