Let Your Hair Down

Shortly after starting this blog, I became a member of Pinterest. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s an online pinboard where you can surf the internet and “pin” images, articles, whatever you want, onto your account’s “board” so that you can always find stuff again. It also allows you to see other people’s boards and follow them, if you like what they’re pinning. For me, this is amazing. I’m always surfing the internet and coming across stuff that I think is cool, but then I end up having to e-mail myself the link. This makes it very hard for me to organize and keep track of all my finds. Pinterest is a great solution for this.

I came across a bunch of great flower tutorials that I wanted to try out and I came across a tutorial for felt dahlias!  I LOVE dahlias!  When my parents moved back to the states from overseas, the house they bought had a beautiful backyard that was designed by a landscape architect, and the previous owner had planted dahlias in the back.  When we moved into the house in the summer, the dahlias bloomed and they were so large and beautiful.  Seeing this tutorial reminded me of our first beautiful summer spent in Seattle.

I thought it would be the perfect gift for the daughter of  our daycare provider.  When my daughter first started going to daycare, she had the pleasure of being one of the first babies to consistently be attending this new daycare.  The provider is so sweet and loving and at the beginning in the summer, her young daughter would be with her during the day.  My daughter got a lot of attention from this girl, who would always send her off with a hug and a kiss when I went to pick her up.  I noted that she loves “girly” things, so I thought that a flower headband would be such a great gift for her!


1 sheet red felt

1 headband (I used the Goody headband from the drugstore)

fabric glue

Step 1: Follow the felt dahlia tutorial linked here.  You may want to re-size your dahlia smaller or large depending on what you plan on using it for.

Modifications: I ended up shrinking the overall flower size.  So, I used a series of (14) 1″ squares, (11) 3/4″ squares, and (8) 1/2″ squares.  For the back circle, I ended up cutting a 2″ circle and didn’t fold the felt over the stiffening center board.  Also, instead of using a thicker cardboard for the back, since I was making a headpiece, I just used a thin piece of cardstock and sandwiched that between two layers of felt circles and glued with fabric glue.  This way, it was stiff, but still flexible enough to mold to the roundness of the headband.  From past experience, DO NOT USE ELMER’S GLUE!!!!  IT WILL DISCOLOR THE FELT AFTER A WHILE!!!!

Step 2: Glue the flower to your headband using the fabric glue.  Cut a felt circle the size of the back circle and glue this inside the headband so that it sandwiches the headband between this back and the flower.  Enjoy!


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