Cheep Cheep! It sounds like Spring!

If you recall from my previous post I had talked about how my daughter had two friends who were born within five days from one another, whom I have termed the three Musketeers.  We’ve heard about the eldest, my daughter is the middle, and now it’s time for the youngest!  She was actually born one day after my daughter in the same hospital!  It’s so amazing how life works out to provide these little experiences that are so memorable.  I vividly remember visiting my friend, who was on the same floor of the hospital as me, only a couple doors away, to meet her new daughter!  No one knew if they were having a boy or girl since they wanted it to be a surprise.  I felt so honored to be one of the first people to meet their little girl!  I remember she had the bluest eyes I had ever seen.

Fast forward a year later (don’t we all wish that parenthood were that easy sometimes, HA!) and all the girls are turning one!  Now, I wanted to make a hat for the third musketeer that had something that characterized her for me.  She’s always been so happy and sunny and “polite”.  Haha, I don’t have a better way of explaining it!  Even when she cries, it’s not as raucous as some other children.  Anyways, as I was planning on what I would make for her, these personality traits definitely came into play and I finally settled on a bluebird.  I thought that this would be so cute on her and would go with her very blue eyes.

Again, I did a web search to see a lot of what other people had done.  Something that inspired me subconsciously was sitting right in front of me the whole time!   A couple of years back, my little brother did a study abroad in Taiwan, where he picked me up a stuffed penguin toy, á la Sanrio style.  It’s so cute and round (just like all these other Japanese stuffed animal characters).  I really liked the proportions of the eyes and beak and I actually used this as a model for this hat, even though it was a penguin and I was making a bluebird.  Here’s a photo of our penguin (and it’s blue!).  If anyone can tell me it’s name, that would be great!  I can’t read Japanese and thus do not know what to call it.  We have named him “Pingu”.

I did take some liberties and add a little tufted pompom to the top and ties to keep the hat in place.  I, again, used the Vanna’s Choice Baby yarn that I had talked about in my earlier post.  I’m going to have to try out some other yarns, but right now, I like the color options this yarn line has.

Since this hat was mainly one color, it didn’t take quite as much time as the others.  I think the thing to note in making a monochromatic hat is to really pay attention to the proportions and spacing of the various features since there is so much less distracting the eye.  I made this as a toddler size so that she can keep her head nice and toasty for the next winter season.  I’m very happy with how this came out and I hope that the new owner lovers her cheery new hat!  Congratulations on turning one!


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