Tulips and Roses and Fun, oh My!

If you’ll recall from my birthday party post, I had made a floral arrangement of tulips and roses to go with my daughter’s spring birthday party. I have always loved simple flower arrangements consisting of a beautiful, low vase with a dense cluster of flowers. The only problem is that these arrangements tend to be very expensive! I wanted to re-create something with this look, at a much more affordable price.

I love tulips.  For flowers, they are one of my favorites.  At the end of winter, I’m always on the look-out for tulips to show up at the farmer’s market.  This is when I know that Spring has arrived!  Since my baby is a spring baby, I wanted to use tulips in the arrangement.  I paired them with roses, which would round out nicely when they started to bloom.

Here’s how you can re-create this look:


10 tulips

10 roses

(1) 4″ diameter low glass vase (you can probably use a low cylindrical drinking glass as well, if it is wide enough)

Step 1: Cut all the tulips and the roses down into about 8″-10″ lengths (so that when you put the stem into the glass vase, it will have about 2″ of stem past the glass vase.

Step 2: To re-create the “wrapped vase” look, retain two of the larger and more intact tulip leaves.  Cut off the tip at a bias.  Make sure you don’t split the leaves.  Retain a couple more of the leaves for the end of the arrangement.

Step 3: You will notice that the leaves will tend to roll one way.  Place the two leaves overlapping each other in the vase rolling them in the opposite direction.  This way they will hug the vase and hide all the stems.

Step 4: Place the flower stems one by one into the vase so that the stems form a lattice-work on the inside.  This will help keep all the stems in place.  You can remove and place flowers as you like to make the arrangement as round and full as possible.  Keep in mind that once you let the flowers sit at room temperature, they will open up and fill up the arrangement more.

Step 5: Cut down some of the retained tulip leaves and place them throughout the arrangement to act as a filler and also to break up the colors a little.  You can arrange the flowers ahead of time and place them in a refrigerator to keep their freshness.  It was a little warm in my apartment, so I popped these into the fridge right after arranging them to keep the flowers from filling out too much.  Also, you can pull out the stems here and there to make the arrangement seem more “round”.  If you want, you can add more flowers to make the arrangement more “full”.  In the future, I would probably go with a dozen of each flower so that it looked really “tight”.


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