Everybody Polka….. dot dot dot….

Yesterday was the big day! We threw our daughter her very first birthday party and what a blast! It was small and intimate, just as we had planned, but it was also very exciting!

If you hadn’t guessed yet, the theme of the party was polka dots! When I was researching different ideas, I kept coming across polka dots for some reason. Actually, I found the balloons first and thought that they were so cool and just a little different from the normal single color balloons. As far as the color scheme, it’s so close to Easter that everything around me is pastel. I didn’t mind because I felt that this was appropriate for my mood and the party’s theme. I also liked the idea of mixing and matching colors to give the theme more dimensionality.

As I was looking around online and in stores, everything for this party seemed to start falling into place. I found this amazing wrapping paper that had all the colors I was working with, including polka dots! I thought this would be a great base to use for everything. You can see from my previous post that I used this as a background accent in creating the birthday banner.  We also used this to wrap up her presents and decorate the tablescape.

As I was searching for inspiration for the party theme, I came across this theme from Real Simple that really spoke to me.  I liked the combination of colors, as well as the simple and relaxed decor.  I took elements from this idea (a birthday banner with circles, which worked perfectly with my polka dot theme, balloons hung from the ceiling upside down) and applied them to our party.

The tableware was super fun!  I got all our plates, cups, napkins, etc. in all different colors of the theme to add a bit of whimsy and festiveness to the table, which would all rest on a white disposable tablecloth to act as a good background (easy clean-up, very important).  Also, I liked that all the plates and cups were circular and alluding to the polka dot theme.  Too bad I couldn’t find circular napkins!  Finally, what table setting isn’t complete with flowers?  Spring is in the air and tulips are aplenty!  I combined them with roses to create a cute little arrangement.  I will have a post on how to re-create this simple arrangement later on.

And finally, the food!  We were hosting a brunch, which is a whole culture unto itself here in NYC.  People live around brunch and you can be brunching all day long on the week-ends.  It’s such a great way to combine salty and sweet too.  Since there was a lot to do, we wanted food that we could prep ahead of time and still be okay to eat at room temperature.  Also, we wanted the food to be something our little one could enjoy.  I got a wonderful french toast recipe from one of my good friends who had us over for brunch at her place a little while back.  This would be our main.  From there, we decided to have a fruit salad, some oven-roasted potatoes, and some breakfast sausages.  Finally, for dessert would be the mini-cupcakes!

The cupcakes I put a lot of thought into.  I wanted to make cupcakes that were tasty yet didn’t have too much sugar since my daughter hasn’t been exposed to a lot of refined sugars.  I finally opted on a lemon cupcake with a lemon cream cheese frosting.  I will have a post that will give instructions on how to re-create the these cupcakes later.

So much went into this party and I can’t write about it all in one post, but I wanted to give you an overview of all the elements!  I encourage you all to throw a theme party!  Happy party planning!

What you need for the decor:

polka-dot latex balloons

birthday banner

plates, cups, napkins and tablecloth from a local party store

wrapping paper in line with your theme

curling ribbon to hang balloons from the ceiling

flower arrangement


5 thoughts on “Everybody Polka….. dot dot dot….

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  2. I enjoyed your blog, it’s beautiful and lovely. The birthday party looks fabulous. Good luck to motherhood.


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